Tuesday, 17 December 2013


My neck is healing ok. It is really painful. When I left the hospital they gave me 100 paracetamols, 48 Ibruprofen and 48 Codeine tablets. I hate having that many painkillers in the house but am trying hard to keep to a routine and take them sensibly. The worse thing is sleeping when I keep turning onto my painful side. I didn't realise that I slept on my right side so much.
I saw my consultant today and he was pleased with how it is healing. He said it was harder to cut out the infection than he thought it would be.
I am trying to get ready for Christmas but am not organised at all. I think I need to not get stressed out by it and what will be will be.
I have a therapy session tomorrow but I haven't really done what he asked me to do last time and still haven't been shopping. I hope he will go easy on me!