Monday, 1 August 2016

Still fighting

Had a bad weekend and ended up curling up in bed. Sometimes that is the safest way to give in.
I've used the crisis team once in 2 weeks after being spoken to so badly. I really hate ringing them now but I do need support to ground myself in the night.
I finally sent off another application for Persinal Independence Payment so will have to see how that goes. My friend Kathy helped me and she gets it. I had to write what it is like on my worse day which was very triggering. Not looking forward to the assessment.
My abscess is still sore and last week I had to go to A& E to get it looked at. They gave me gas and air to repack it. Now it needs doing again and I guess I just need to sort it myself as usual.
I'm trying to keep busy and to go out and about but it isn't easy when you feel like rubbish. My new puppy is helping to get me out on her walks.
My cpn is off for 2 weeks now so nothing will happen in terms of going for therapy but I just give in.