Saturday, 30 November 2013

More antibiotics

The stab wound in my side has got infected and I'm back on antibiotics. I have a wound that is 4cms deep and I have to pack it every day. It is really painful and I have no painkillers in the house as I'm not safe with them at the moment. My girls are away so I can't give the tablets to them so I have to try and keep going without any.
The lack of sleep is making me feel really low and tearful. I need to clean my house but I just haven't got any energy. However living in an untidy place gets me down and makes me feel more dirty.
I am seeing my psychiatrist again on Friday. I'm not sure how he can help me or what I want to say to him. I will challenge him about my last appointment as it was rubbish and didn't help me at all.
Christmas is just round the corner and I need to get organised as I don't want to let everyone down. I find this time of year really hard and haven't really started off feeling too great.
I wish I could write a positive blog saying how great I feel and how well I'm doing but I can't.