Sunday, 19 April 2015

Making progress?

Am really trying hard to turn my life around. I read my diaries from previous years and am still stuck in the same destructive cycle that I can almost predict what my diary will say!
So I have been going to a knitting club that I'm really enjoying and it is lovely to meet other ladies that enjoy knitting too. I have picked up some tips and have been persuaded to make something for me.
Next Sunday I am going to do a days painting art class and although I'm nervous I'm going to try and enjoy myself. I have never painted before and am sure my efforts will probably look nothing like they should do but it doesn't matter as it's about getting out and meeting people and trying new things.
Last night I went to a play at a local church and I must admit it wasn't easy. In a room full of people I felt so lonely so that kind of tells me that that is not for me. I saw some people raft I used to go to church with and they ignored me which was not nice but I'm going to move on from that.
I've booked tickets to go to Newark festival to see Boyzone in June and have a holiday booked for July.
I saw a notice for back to netball classes in May so might give that a go.
I need to move on with my life and get out there. Things can only get better,