Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas is over

I'm glad that Christmas is over for another year - there needs to be some changes next year.
It was lovely to have everyone at my house and I was truly spoilt by good friends and family. Dinner time was fraught and it is so hard to feed more than 6 people. The roast potatoes and parsnips were soggy and just wouldn't crisp - I dont know what my son did to them!
Dinner was cold even after putting the plates in the oven and I think the dogs ate more than anyone else. So next year we will go out for Christmas dinner. I will start looking for somewhere to go.
My nieces were really good and my girls played games with them and made them up with nail varnish and make up.
My brother and the girls wanted to stay but his girlfriend wanted to go home and hardly smiled or spoke to anyone all day. So they left quite early which was a shame.
Then everyone wanted to watch Coronation St and Downtown Abbey but I don't watch either of them so I read a book and played Frustration with my son and daughter.
Then after going to bed quite happy and settled I had an horrendous night. I ended up in a heap on the bathroom floor and just cried and cried. It just shows that there is nothing I can really do to change my nightmares.
Today everyone has gone and I'm on my own till my girls come back from sales shopping. Think I need to try to catch up on sleep