Monday, 4 January 2016

Response so far

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 3 January 2016.

Your concerns are in relation to the care provided by A&E, Queens Medical Centre (QMC).

I am very sorry to hear of the distress and anxiety you have experienced and I can assure you that a full investigation will be requested.

Before we can proceed with your complaint, we will need consent to investigate your concerns and forward your letter to the provider.  I would be grateful therefore if you could return the attached consent form giving the NHS Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group permission to investigate your concerns and forward your letter.  As soon as we have received your consent form we will write to Patient Experience Team, QMC asking for your issues to be investigated promptly.

It will also be helpful if you could state on the consent form your preferred method of contact for keeping you informed about the progress of your complaint.   Please note that for confidentiality reasons we may not leave messages on an answerphone.

Please note that during the investigation, our Complaints Department will need to be satisfied that all of your concerns have been appropriately investigated and responded to and have sufficient time to prepare the response letter.  I therefore anticipate that we should be able to respond to you within 35 working days of receipt of the consent form. I will let you know if we are unable to meet this timescale.

During our investigation we will be looking to establish the following:

1.     The conduct of the Doctor ‘Chris’
2.     An explanation why the Doctor refused the gown and blanket brought to you
3.     An explanation why pain relief was offered but not provided
4.     An explanation why A&E could not provide a prescription for one tablet of lorazepam
5.     An explanation why there appeared to be a lack of basis care and communication from all staff members

Your expected outcome is:

1.     An apology and explanation of the events that took place on 3 January 2016
2.     Staff informed of the outcome of the investigation and the impact this had on the patient
3.     Assurance that measures have been put in place to eliminate other patients experiencing the same difficulties
4.     To make the service aware of patient feedback

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