Sunday, 10 January 2016

What a week!!!

Just had a really bad week and am exhausted.
About a week ago my beautiful labrador, Lottie, stopped eating and suddenly looked really ill. After a few trips to the vets we found out that she had an enormous tumour in her stomach that was inoperable. I brought her home for one last night and we all said our goodbyes to her and then the vet came round to the house to put her to sleep. I snuggled her up in her bed and kept her calm and he gave her an injection. Within seconds she had gone but it was peaceful. I'm missing her so much as we had had her since she was 5 weeks old and she was nearly 14. I am trying to remember all the lovely times we had but it is a bit raw right now. We have her daughter, Rosey, who is 10. She is missing her Mum and has become my shadow.
I have started taking citalopram and it is making me feel really crap. I feel sick all the time, dizzy at times and my temperature is all over the place. Am not sure if that is due to an infected wound or the tablet. When you look at the side effects for citalopram there are so many!!! I'm going to try and stay on them but might cut the tablet in half tomorrow as I somehow have to go to work and won't be able to if I continue to feel sick and dizzy.
I have a meeting on Tuesday afternoon to go over my complaint about A&E. I'm glad they're taking it seriously but I'm not looking forward to going over it all again with someone else.