Saturday, 3 October 2015

Little things

Writing this to try and distract myself. I'm having a crap day after a night with very little sleep.
I went out of my house and the door closed behind me before I had time to remember my key! So I had to climb on the wheelie bin next to the side gate and then climb over the gate. Luckily the back door wasn't locked or I would have been in trouble.
Then I went to have my hair cut and popped to Sainsburys to buy some milk. Walking home I realised that I had left my mobile phone next to the till. I ran back but it had gone.
I went home and rang my phone and a random man answered the phone. He said he had picked it up in Sainsburys. I met him and got my phone back - I guess I was lucky that I tried to ring it and he answered.
So now I'm feeling agitated. I am going to a charity ball tonight with some people that I haven't seen for a long time - nervous. With the day I'm having my dress will rip or something stupid happen. Wish I could just go to bed and hide.