Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Holiday chaos

Just spent a week in Lanzarote. Was looking forward to coming away but the run up to the holiday had not been easy and night times were particularly bad with lots of disassociation 
The third night I was here I had a bad nightmare and woke up disorientated and all over the place. I managed to get out of my apartment in the early hours of the morning in a dis associative state. I fell down some stone stairs and knocked myself unconscious and ended up at the hospital in the next town where they found I had  broken my collar bone too.
They kept injecting me and knocking me out and were freaked put by my mental health. I rang my MHT for advice and no one would talk to me - I was so frightened. In the end they spoke to my GP and I was let out the next day
Feeling battered and bruised and very overwhelmed. Trying to keep pretending I'm ok but I feel so detached from everything and daren't sleep again
Can't wait to come home next week