Saturday, 15 August 2015

Feeling poorly

Been curled up in bed all day feeling poorly and sorry for myself. Yesterday I had an appointment at the GP surgery to have my stitches out and got there on time. I sat down only to be told that there were 3 minor operations to do before me and it would be over an hour wait. I had had a bad night and was feeling really unsettled so I just got up and walked out!
I saw my psychiatrist the same day and he was useless!!! He just kept asking me what I wanted and how to keep myself safe. He said I seemed very low and asked me if I needed some antidepressants and if so which ones. Well I don't bloody know - he's supposed to be the doc. He also said that my risk levels for suicide are high and how he could hep to keep me safe. It seems that if I don't have the answers then nothing happens. I spoke about a care coordinator again and he said he would get back to me. He doubled the dosage of prazosin and told me to think about which antidepressants I wanted for my next appointment. Waste of time seeing him.
I have a water infection so I went back to see my GP and saw a new locum doctor. He looked at my stitches and said they were ok to stay in till Monday and prescribed me some antibiotics for my infection and some iron tablets as I am anemic.  Due to my low iron levels he wants to send me for some tests at the hospital to see if I'm bleeding anywhere, starting with the gut. Well if he thinks anyone is putting a camera up my bum he has another thing coming. The panic I feel when I even think about it is horrendous. My life just gets better and better.
So, I go to the chemists to get my antibiotics to be told they have never heard of them and don't stock them. They said they would try and get them in by lunch time the next day. However this morning they rang to say they can't get them till Monday, so I still have a painful infection and no antibiotics. I could just cry.
I'm fed up of ringing the crisis team and fed up of trying to get some help. Think I just need to go and curl up back in bed until Monday when I can finally get some antibiotics