Thursday, 20 August 2015

Who needs a doctor?

What a week!!!
I have been so poorly with an abscess this week and have tried hard to get it treated and to get rid of the pain.
I went to A&E on Saturday night and was sent home with no treatment. Then I saw my GP yesterday who wanted me to go straight to hospital but I had to take my daughter to Manchester to start a new job. Stupidly I drove there and when I was there my abscess burst all over the place!! /yuk!
I went to a hospital in Manchester and they put a needle in my arm, took some bloods, looked at my abscess and sent me home with the needle still in my arm! Would have been so easy to mess with it but I didn't. I know how to take them out luckily.
I went home and went back to my local hospital. They looked at the abscess that is oozing gunk everywhere. They said it will heal itself and put a tiny plaster on it that barely lasted till I got back into my car.
I feel that the fact I self harm and had probably caused the abscess made people judge me and I haven't received proper care. I have had no antibiotics for the abscess and it hasn't been cleaned.
I got home and cleaned it out as best I can. Then I got some surgical ribbon and packed the wound. It is really deep and a whole pack of ribbon went in it. Then I covered it.
It is already leaking through the dressing but I have an appointment with my practice nurse tomorrow who will sort it for me.
It's a good job I know what to do