Monday, 12 August 2013

Going camping tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I'm going camping with a friend from work. I've worked with her for over 10 years and know her quite well but have never been away with her.
Her husband left her for a younger woman last year and this is her first summer without him. She has 2 grown up sons but isn't going away anywhere this year. So we thought we would have a go at camping in a tent! Two 48 year old women, one tent and 2 blow up beds - I just hope there is someone to help when we get to the other end.
It's quite cold here tonight so I'm not looking forward to sleeping in a sleeping bag and am also anxious about having a nightmare etc. do I take a spare sleeping bag? I haven't really told nicky about my nights and feel embarrassed but I'm hoping that a different place and lots of fresh air will help me to sleep. However it is only 2 nights so I can stay awake if I need to.
I need to get out and try new things and go to new places - I'm not going to let you win and I can do this
Fingers crossed it will be ok x