Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Why is it that some days when you wake up in the morning you have a feeling of real panic? This morning I feel so sick and I have a tight knot in my chest like something bad is going to happen. I just feel so unsettled and it came on really quickly and for no reason at all.
I have my last trauma therapy session for awhile today but I'm not worried about that as I know it will  start again later in the year. It might be that now I'm not going to see my therapist I have no one to really support me for a while but I'm going to be back at work next week and really busy so it should be ok.
I hate it when I feel so unsettled and just wish I could cry the feeling away. So what can I do? Maybe I just need to stay around people today and keep busy. I'm still feeling poorly so that isn't helping.
Being me just sucks at times.
Will post again after today's session to see if it has helped.